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How To Gain Weight Fast Cover

Important: For the next couple of days, you’re able to download this book for free. There’s no catch. Just be quick so you don’t miss out. It really is a limited time.

I’m proud to announce that I’ve written a book. Want to guess what it’s about? (Hint: It’s blatantly obvious.)

The name of the book is How To Gain Weight Fast: The Definitive Guide to GOMAD and I believe it to be the most definitive resource about the process of drinking a gallon of milk per day.

It covers:

  • The unbreakable rules of GOMAD.
  • The side-effects of GOMAD (and how to solve them).
  • The alternatives to milk (and why you should avoid them at all costs).

The book’s available right now on Amazon and you can click here to check it out. Also, expect to see updates in the future.

I’m eager to keep this book fresh and and forever relevant.


GOMAD & No Fat Gain — Can You Do It?

GOMAD Fat Gain

Not an ounce of fat in sight.

Most critics of GOMAD complain about fat gain. “Drinking a gallon of milk a day is only going to make a skinny guy fat, not strong.”

But aside from inevitably becoming stronger by drinking a lot of milk — seriously, it will happen — you don’t have to gain fat. You can maintain a lean look. You’ll have to work slower but it’s not a difficult process. Promise.

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First Month of GOMAD

Just have to take it day by day.

In the previous post, I mentioned that I never plan to do GOMAD again. But since I like exploring all possibilities, I thought I’d ask myself a question: if I did do GOMAD again, what would I do differently?

The answers I came up with, I think, will be a big help for first timers who are just getting started with GOMAD. They should allow you to:

  • Get better results.
  • Expend less effort.
  • Avoid risks.

Pretty sweet deal, right?

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Why I’ll Never Do GOMAD Again


Using memes like the cool kids.

I’ve done GOMAD twice before but I never plan to do it again.


A few reasons, which I’ll share it a moment.

But to be clear, I don’t mean to be dramatic. I’ve done GOMAD twice because it offered results I was looking for and I’m satisfied with the experience. There are simply motivations to try other weight gain methods in the future.

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The Definitive Guide to GOMAD & Acne

GOMAD Clear Skin

My excellent Photoshop skills.

One of GOMAD’s more visible side-effects is acne. As with all side-effects, not everyone will experience it with the same intensity (or at all), but when you do have to deal with it, it’s a pain. But is there a solution?

Short answer, “Possibly.”

For the long answer, keep reading…

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GOMAD Alternative — A Dozen Eggs a Day

Eggs GOMAD Alternative

Your new best friend?

Everyone’s always looking for a GOMAD alternative. I get it, too. People don’t want to drink milk in large quantities. It’s not fun and there are side-effects. At the same time though, the commonly suggested alternatives aren’t any good.

Soy milk doesn’t have enough saturated fat. Chocolate milk has too much sugar. Almond milk just won’t provide the calories or protein you need.

If you want to gain weight with milk, full fat cow’s milk is the only option. But there still might be an alternative. It’s just not milk.

Long ago, Mark Sisson — an advocate of  the Paleo/Primal diet — shared the following thought when talking about gaining weight with GOMAD:

It undoubtedly works, but a gallon of milk isn’t exactly Primal and I can’t recommend it. Instead of milk, why not a dozen eggs a day? ADEAD? If you can manage it, eating them on top of your regularly scheduled meals is a great source of affordable protein, fat, and vitamins.

So are eggs the ultimate GOMAD alternative? Are they even a contender? I’ll break it down and you can decide for yourself.

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GOMAD & Raw Milk — The Perfect Match?

Raw Milk

Milk in its natural habitat.

If you’re doing GOMAD, full fat cow’s milk is your only real option. You can’t use soy milk or almond milk or coconut milk. There are disadvantages to all of these alternatives. But if you’re looking for a healthier choice, one might exist:

Raw milk.

This is cow’s milk that hasn’t been processed to hell like regular, store-bought milk. It’s not just close to natural. It is natural.

To be clear though, I haven’t drunk raw milk or done GOMAD with raw milk. Therefore, I can’t say, “I recommend this.” But the next time I drink a gallon of milk a day for a month, I’d very strongly consider raw milk.


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Should You Combine GOMAD & Creatine?

Creatine Powder

My creatine of choice.

There’s a lot of ways for a skinny guy to bulk up and get stronger, but two options are mentioned frequently:

  • GOMAD.
  • Creatine.

If you’re reading this site, you’re probably aware that GOMAD is the process of drinking a gallon of milk a day. Creatine, on the other hand, is a supplement that can give you considerable strength gains in a short time.

(For this reason, some people yap on about creatine being a steroid but this is not the case. People are just silly.)

But if you’re interested in doing GOMAD and taking creatine, should you do both of those things at the same time? Or should you stick with just one?

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Can You Do GOMAD with Chocolate Milk?

Chocolate Milk GOMAD

Delicious but deadly.

After weeks of drinking lots of milk every day, it stops tasting as glorious as your memory recalls. Even I, a milk addict, get tired of it during GOMAD.

Because of this, a lot of people want to drink chocolate milk for GOMAD instead of regular milk. Anyone can drink a whole lot of chocolate milk, after all. No one gets tired of that. It’s an endless gift of joy.

But does it make sense?

Can you drink a gallon of chocolate milk every day?

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The Lactose Intolerant’s Guide to GOMAD


This might be your saviour.

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, it’s still possible to partake in the GOMAD process. In fact, everyone in the world doesn’t respond amazingly to lactose since we’re not supposed to drink milk once we stop breastfeeding, and there’s just a percentage of the population that responds extra poorly. That is probably where you fit. Rest assured though, you have options.

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